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Nesting Cherub Keepsake Box

Product ImageItem #12511 - Snug within the shelter of his feathered wings, a weary cherub keeps a sleepy watch over your keepsakes. Precious heart shape box safely holds a trove of tiny treasures at its heart.

$12.95 - 
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Sandcast Jesus and Cross Figurine

Product ImageItem #14598 - Elegant semi-abstract sculpture depicts a timeless scene of inspiration as our Savior bravely bears his burden. A stunning combination of spiritual tribute and modern art mastery!

$19.95 - 
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Praying Hands

Product ImageItem #14693 - The timeless image of reverent prayer takes on a new appeal, elegantly rendered in faux alabaster. A perfect addition to your very own spiritual treasure trove!

$5.95 - 
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Ivory Angel Figurine

Product ImageItem #14694 - A benevolent angel folds her hands in a prayer of serenity as her wings sparkle with the light of a thousand stars. This stunning statue comes straight from heaven into your home! - OUT OF STOCK -

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Life Changing Prayers Book

Product ImageItem #14719 - This inspirational book contains nearly 100 prayers, each followed by a thoughtful essay about the prayer. Many of the prayers in the collection are taken from the Bible. Others were written by noted spiritual leaders, both traditional and contemporary, such as the apostle Paul, St. Augustine, Francis of Assisi, Mother Teresa, Reinhold Niebuhr, and Amy Carmichael.

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Prayers Of Comfort Book

Product ImageItem #14720 - Prayers of Comfort is a collection of encouraging prayers, Bible verses, inspirational quotations, and personal stories about faith and devotion. The 192-page book helps you face moments of emotional or physical pain and recognize God’s ability to work within you, delivering a message of healing, hope, and growth.

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Sky Angel Figurine

Product ImageItem #15013 - A beautiful angel discusses the secrets of flight with her butterfly pal as they prepare to take to the sky. A simple, yet striking, symbol of the beauty of free-spirited faith!

$9.95 - 
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Lord Is My Shepherd Tapestry Throw

Product ImageItem #39029 - Ablaze with rich color and intricate weavework, this tapestry throw illustrates the opening of the Lord's prayer, showing Jesus in repose, gently cradling a lamb.

$49.95 - 
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